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About Us

Richita Bihaku – (Beautiful Skin)

Introducing a revolutionary new skin care brand which strengthens skin and enhances your skin tones and natural beauty.

Made in Japan, the Richita Bihaku brand of skin care products are safe and very effective to assist the skin’s anti-aging ability, boost collagen levels, lighten dark spots and gently enhance skin tones. Richata Bihaku brand contains only natural ingredients including Japanese equine placenta extract, refined vitamin C, Sakura Double Cherry Blossom, Perennial Chrysanthemum Flower, Muraskusibu Fruit Extract, Kiwi Extract, Yeast Extract, Lecithin Compound, plus Arbutin compounds incorporating blueberry leaves, Japanese Urushi and other natural herbs.

With only natural ingredients, Richita Bihaku helps repair damaged skin surfaces and prolong skin moisture, create a sense of cool freshness, resulting in a healthy and vibrant glow.


Our Japanese manufacturing company was established in 1952, is a pioneer in the field of equine placenta extract since 1964 and is headquartered in Osaka-Shi Joto-Ku – with main office in Ginza, Chou-ku, Tokyo.


Richita Bihaku – skin care brand products are made in Japan and registered and comply with the regulations of  United States of America Food & Drug Administration (FDA) .

Richita Bihaku – Beautiful Skin Dietary Supplement Product

The Richita Bihaku brand beautiful skin dietary supplement product helps enhance skin cell regeneration, improving skin color tones and preventing/reducing bruises, spots and freckles. The Richita Bihaku brand beautiful skin dietary supplement product slows the production of melanin pigment, making the skin smooth, plus encouraging cell regeneration to fade long term melasma and brighten skin tones safely and effectively.

Richita Bihaku brand products are suitable for all skin types – women and men.